• Domenic and Charlie Fusco


Updated: Apr 7

As a man thinketh, so is he.

Proverbs 23:7

The Wisdom of Solomon speaks clearly: you are what you think! What you think about facilitates your actions. Your thinking is the root cause of what you do… what you produce. To change what you do, you must change what you think. Simple enough? If you flood your brain (brain-wash yourself - Romans 12:2) with great ideas, Godly principles, and spiritually uplifting materials, you will be transformed by those higher ideals into a person of quality character. The result will be an unbelievable you! Don’t fall prey to letting your mind wander about in the land of indifference and insignificance. Harness your thoughts. Think on what is good. Soon you will be at the center of a new, proactive, prosperous life. What you think, you believe, what you believe you become.

Inspirational Insights are provided by the www.BeAmazing.club for inspiring and empowering individuals to begin to dream again... to be uncommon!


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